It’s important for me to be more than just computer programmers.

That’s because the best websites take into account the end user of the product. So a Web Developer should have several skills that encompass both computers and people, including:

  • Programming skills in front-end languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. Back-end languages, like PHP, third-party APIs, web services, and e-commerce, will all be important. The Web Developer should also have some experience in product management and software testing. They should also have an understanding of Photoshop. Knowledge of OOP (object-oriented programming) is very important too.
  • An understanding of consumer behavior is a discipline that the programmer must master. This requires knowledge of consumer psychology and behavior. The savvy Web Designer should understand the user interface, or UI, which is how the user will intuitively use each feature on the site.
  • Practical knowledge of website interfaces, cross-browser compatibility, and web standards.
  • Collaboration skills to work with inter-departmental disciplines and stakeholders of all kinds.
  • Strong understanding of Internet security best practices.
  • Project management skills to create and implement a roadmap for better user engagement.
  • digital expert in web, email, social media, smartphones – and more.
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Flexible and able to adapt to fickle user or client behavior.
  • Analytical, methodical, and driven by data.
  • Good multi-tasker and a self-starter.
  • Patient troubleshooting skills when code gets broken or when a customer can’t communicate their vision of the site.
  • Handles pressure
JS, JQuery
Behind the design

Code that I used to built the website with integrating apps

The Web Developer should divide their focus between technology and people. The role has high visibility because a company’s website is extremely important to their image and sales volume.