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News Search Engine uses Google news API in order to create a universal news search engine on your WordPress website


News Search Engine is a WordPress plugin that transforms your website into a news search engine and it gives the possibility to search news, articles, and posts through Google news API. A Google news API Key is required.

PHP 7 or above required.

If you want to have a look at the result please have a look at the demo in this link, feel free to play around with the form.

Settings include:

  • Enter your Google news API Key (required)
  • Enter a Default result per page, this is set as 20 as default
  • Enter a number of characters in the result table, If the title, description, or URL is too long it will be truncated.
  • Enter protocol HTTP or HTTPS of your website.

Search Section:

  • Search news sources
  • Search any news
  • Search Top Headlines news
  • Dynamic Pagination
  • Ajax population for source and domain fields
  • Select news by date
  • Sort News by Relavancy, Popolarity, Date
  • Select News by language, country, category
  • Display API errors
  • Open news in a new tab
  • Open news image in a new tab
  • Search news by source and domains


Download the plugin on your computer, explode the ZIP file on your plugin folder in your WordPress website. On your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins => Installed Plugins, search for News Search Engine and activate the Plugin.


The News Search Engine settings are on the WordPress dashboard on News Search Engine => News Search Engine Setting

Here are your News Search Engine settings:

On the section News Search Engine => News Search Engine you have the possibility to display the News Search Engine on the backend of WordPress to see what the form can return based on your search values.

In order to display the News Search form in the frontend are, please go “Add New Page”, insert the title of a new page and the description, then on the left-hand sidebar go to the section “Page Attributes” and select “News Search Engine Template” on the dropdown “Template”, the News Search form will be displayed on the bottom of this page.

Search news sources

From the WordPress dashboard on News Search Engine => News Search Engine, click on Sources and follow the instruction on the screen. This endpoint returns the subset of news publishers that top headlines are available from. It’s mainly a convenience endpoint that you can use to keep track of the publishers available on the API, and you can pipe it straight through to your users.

Search any news

From the WordPress dashboard on News Search Engine => News Search Engine, click on Everything and follow the instruction on the screen. Search through millions of articles from over 30,000 large and small news sources and blogs. This includes breaking news as well as lesser articles. This endpoint suits article discovery and analysis but can be used to retrieve articles for display, too.

Search Top Headlines news

From the WordPress dashboard on News Search Engine => News Search Engine, click on Top Headlines and follow the instruction on the screen. This endpoint provides live top and breaking headlines for a country, specific category in a country, single source, or multiple sources. You can also search with keywords. Articles are sorted by the earliest date published first. This endpoint is great for retrieving headlines for display on news tickers or similar.


To get started you’ll need an API key. They’re free for development, open-source, and non-commercial use.

Also we’re assuming you know how to make web requests in your chosen programming language. We’ve included some crude ways to do this in our examples below if you need a place to start. Alternatively you can use one of our client libraries.

Now let’s consider two of the most popular use cases for News API and walk through each one:

  • I want to show my users live top and breaking news headlines
  • I want to search across every news article that mentions a specific topic or keyword (limited to the last 24 months).

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