How to animate HTML elements and slide them in on mouse scroll using CSS and Javascript Today I want to animate a bunch of HTML elements and create an animation that moves them inside the same parent DIV once the elements are in the viewport, so only when the elements are visible to the users. […]

August 29, 2023

This tutorial will show you how to change your website cursor to any CSS shape and change the shape on hover on certain HTML elements. I have seen a lot of tutorials online about changing the HTML cursor to an SVG icon or to a PGN icon. In my case, I would like to change […]

October 15, 2022

How to add Read More/Read Less button next to a too long HTML element. This tutorial will take you through how to display a certain number of rows of an HTML element and hide the rest of it, then we will see how to read a clickable “Read More” element at the end of the […]

January 15, 2022
how to freeze the first row and the first column of an HTML table

I was working on an HTML table that displays a list of users and user permission, the first row displays the permission names and the first column displays the name of the users involved. I have noticed that when I strolled toward the right I couldn’t see the user names and scrolling toward the bottom […]

May 28, 2021

The Fullscreen Any Element Plugin uses the Javascript Fullscreen API in order to make any chosen HTML element on your website in fullscreen. The Fullscreen API adds methods to present a specific Element (and its descendants) in full-screen mode, and to exit full-screen mode once it is no longer needed. This makes it possible to […]

May 24, 2021
styling first letter paragrapher in css

This tutorial aims to style and change the first letter of an HTML paragraph of the first paragraph (and only the first) of a WordPress post content or page content. Styling the first letter of a CSS div is very straightforward, CSS provides a selector called “::first-letter” that gets the job done, it finds the […]

May 20, 2021

Come aggiungere leggi di piu’/leggi di meno alla fine di un elemento HTML troppo lungo. Questa guida vi fara’ vedere come visualizzare un certo numero di caratteri o un certo numero di righe di un elemento HTML e nascondere il resto del testo, quindi vedremo come visualizzare un elemento “leggi di piu'” clickabile alla fine […]

January 15, 2021

I built a WordPress plugin that gives the possibility to make the background image clickable, I have worked on this plugin with the idea in mind that a plugin has to be the more possible standard in order to work with any existing WordPress theme, but I realized that making such plugin is virtually impossible as long as any […]

November 12, 2020

Mi e’ stato chiesto di adattare l’orario e la data di un sistema di messaggi in funzione della posizione di chi lo guarda, inizialmente l’approccio piu’ corretto sembrerebbe cambiare le date quando vengono visualizzate in PHP, ma questo potrebbe compromettere le informationi nel database se le date/orari fanno parte di un form e vengono riscritti […]

May 16, 2019